Distance Education: Ray Of Hope For Caribbean Students

“The people of the English-speaking Caribbean will have to face continued slow economic growth in 2013, the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) has forecasted.

The CDB released its annual report in February predicting a continuation of the last four to five years of widespread decline, including job losses.

CDB President Warren Smith outlined the bleak picture at a news conference held at the Barbados headquarters of the regional development project lending bank.” (Source: goo.gl/dplbVc)

Photo Credit: goo.gl/duQb45

Photo Credit: goo.gl/duQb45

This is the current economic condition of the economy of the Caribbean countries. With such instability in the economy, there are constant job losses and the financial condition of the people of these countries is slipping. Therefore, to save their families from economic crises, students are starting to work as soon as they pass out of school.

In the mean time, the dreams of students who want to continue studying are dying a painful death. There are two reasons why most students are not being able to continue with higher education:

  • The lack of finances- Colleges fees is extremely high and unaffordable for most students
  • Jobs are dear- As families depend on the educated youth to do a job and earn money, even if the students can afford to gather funds to attend college, they can’t because leaving their job is an unthinkable possibility for them

However, with the advancement of technology, now students in the Caribbean can complete their higher studies through online distance learning courses. A study conducted yielded the following results:

“Online learners tend to achieve similar outcomes to the traditional students in lesser time. Oftentimes, they take one-quarter less than traditional students. In terms of time saving, online learners can save 25 percent more than the traditional learners. As they are not compelled to attend full-time classes, they can save significant time.” (Source: goo.gl/jiX8N8)

Keeping these results in mind, we can conclude that distance learning study in the Caribbean is a good alternative to traditional education. Through this mode of study, students can continue with their jobs as they study.


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