Online Distance Learning: Taking Higher Education To A New Level

As students in developing countries like the Caribbean nations are deprived of higher education because of the lack of finances or inaccessibility of colleges in the countries, earning college degrees has become extremely difficult for them. However, thanks to technology, now students in even the remotest corners of the world can stand a chance at earning a degree through distance education.

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“According to the US Department of Education, National Center for Education statistics, about 4.3 million students have greatly benefited from distance learning. It has provided flexible courses and programs to post and undergraduate students in the higher education bracket, without the need to require a physical on-site classroom presence.” (Source:

Distance education is no longer looked down upon as it has become one of the most convenient ways through which students who are eager to complete college education, can do so. There are many institutions and companies other than MOOCs who have shown interest in providing students with quality education.

Distance learning courses are taught online and therefore, a student does not have to cross borders or even step out of their homes to study a college degree. All they require is a net connection and the will to learn. Online distance learning has now become quite a trend as they are affordable and flexible enough for most students who can’t go to traditional college. Here are the top five names in the world of distance learning on a global basis:

Verizon Wireless

Apart from being the one of the best mobile service providers in the US of A, this company has joined hands with the Center for Distance Learning Research to foray into the education sector. The company will help students by giving them the aid required to fulfil their educational needs, some of which are, web conferencing, hosted application, video conferencing, etc.

Distance Learning College and Training

This is one of UK’s best for providing accredited and world recognised distance learning programmes. They provide students with virtual aids so that those who are pressed for time can study with ease. They design courses in such a manner that students can finish them at their own pace but also on time. They offer a huge variety of courses from which students can choose.

“In the last five years, the Distance Learning College has been consistently enjoying a 97% passing rate on all the courses they provide.” (Source:


“According to TechnoBuffalo, the iPad has a high usability factor, which appeals to educators in the far-flung areas who are unaccustomed to modern technology.” (Source:

With the sort of technology Apple has to offer, they are making their way into the education sector by helping educational institutions. They are mixing social interaction and reading in such a way that after reading one page of a textbook online, a student can share his thoughts on the same.


This is another well known provider of distance learning. It helps students gain knowledge in subject like IT, English and math. They offer various kinds of courses that teach students various kinds of skills that will prepare them for the job market.

BSY Group

They are one of the biggest names in Europe that offers distance learning courses. Famous for its courses in alternative health and complementary therapies, this company, helps students study courses of their choice from home.

This way, there are many colleges and universities and also companies that have tied up with educational institutions, all around the world, so that, students who can’t go to traditional colleges can easily study from home.


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