Make your Employers Understand Why Earning Online Degrees is Fair


In order to proceed towards higher studies, people keep asking questions whether it would be right to invest for master degree courses. However, it’s reality that employers are considering master degree holders as assets for their companies. Rather, the current scenario says that online postgraduate courses are also gaining relevance among working adults.

The National Center for Education Statistics showed a 2% rise in the number of undergraduates who enrolled in distance learning courses between the year 2000 and 2008. Despite, many career seekers being aware of the growing popularity of distance learning still keep wondering as how potential employers judge individuals who earn their masters online.

Career Builder conducted a survey that showed:

–         Employers are not only turning familiar with courses based on distance learning but they are gradually realising the importance of earning such credentials.

–         61% of the CEOs and small business owners are well aware of online degree programmes

–         83% of the executives have considered traditional and online courses to be equal in terms of credibility


Moreover, there are certain factors that stand responsible for making employers think sceptically in regard to one’s certificates earned online. The most important ones are:

 Accreditation- It’s pretty obvious for an employer to reject one’s application if he/she produces certificates earned from unaccredited universities or organisations. Accreditation is ensured to simply find out that the concerned university or the organisation has met each and every requirement to measure its quality. So, in whichever course an individual enrols for a master degree, he/she should make it a point to do so with a certified body.

 Institutional reputation- Althoughsome might argue that institutional reputation is not very important, it’s true that a lot of employers today emphasise on the reputation factor. In fact, employment opportunities can affect a lot if employers find that your online certificates have been attained from a newly opened institution. This is one of the reasons why a lot of students and working professionals today prefer enrolling under UK universities in online masters courses for higher studies.

Despite, if any of your employers say a ‘no’ on your face after discovering that you have bagged certificates online, just explain him/her 2 valid points:

  1. My degree is accredited

Just be clear on your behalf that the master degree you have earned through distance learning is from an accredited university. Remember, there are several agencies that accredit both traditional and online schools along with their degrees. Also, do not forget to mention how your online school has helped you achieve your career objectives without hassles.

     2. My curriculum is similar to that of a traditional course 

Some employers have a misconception that online courses are those that come with shorter curriculums that can help students complete them faster. If your employer holds such an opinion, be smarter to reply that it’s not true. In reality, accredited online schools follow curriculums similar to the traditional ones. In fact, try to make them understand that how organised you had to be while studying an online master degree course.

Just make them realise as how disciplined you had to remain than the traditional students in completing your assignments timely and responding to work at the same time. If your employer has a practical mindset, he/she will always recognise the worth of your online degrees.

So, please do not hesitate in getting master’s degrees online. Believe it or not, the 21st century employers are turning out to be more sound and practical in judging potential candidates. Instead, earning an online master’s degree might ease your job of leaving your employers impressed.

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