Some Invaluable Tips to help Incorporate Project Based Learning in Educational Curriculum



With the advent of technology in education, the trend of learning subject or honing up key skills by reading and writing is a thing of past.

There is no doubt that these two are core skills but the requirements in the workforce of 21st century have changed with team work, critical thinking, quick decision making, critical thinking being the basic criteria to ensure career development. However, as the project based learning requires practice, they too have an important role to play.

Project based learning is an exciting learning method to help students discover the challenges and problems of real life and learn the skills to counter them. There are plenty of creative and engaging activities to help students receive in-depth knowledge. So, if you consider initiating project based learning, here are some tips to get the best out of students.


Make things realistic – Students are keen to learn about issues pertaining to real world and real things. So, you should encourage your students to always make use of the tools that are used by experts to face real world problems and challenges.

Keep space for progress – Though every project is certain to have its starting and ending point, you should offer your students sometime midway the project to improve their work. Engaging your students in interactive feedback will help them review their own work. If you allow them to learn from failure, their confidence will enhance.

Reprocess ideas – Be co-operative towards bringing new ideas to your students from time to time. You have the options to collect latest ideas from project based learning libraries, blogs, forums and several other online platforms. You can customize these handy ideas relevant to the current project and communicate effectively and easily to your students.

Emphasise on team not groups – To attain the goal, collaboration and team work is actually quite crucial. Always focus on team to make your students understand about the importance of team work. Let them learn how to be responsible to their team and how to take decision as a team. Giving them examples about the real life will make them understand how easily an effective team can accomplish the given project.

Always share result – It is encouraging for the students to know that the actual audience will be the judge of their project. The best way to showcase the accomplishments of students is to exhibit the project to parents and other people. It makes students confident about their works.


Do not go away from basics of teachings – It is almost certain that teaching methods will change once you modify traditional learning from project based learning. It is not wise to start from the scratch but some practical aspects should be included in the project. For example, you should focus more on explaining key points of the project instead of giving long lectures. By doing so, you can bring some traditional touch to the project based learning.

Never make project afterthought – Projects are the main part of curriculum in some educational institutions or else students consider it as fun. Students should not take project based learning as fun otherwise there will be no learning.

Never forget to reflect – You should talk to students in order to know about the difficulties and challenges faced while project work was on. There are various online as well as offline platforms where you can communicate with your students. When the project reaches its ending point and has been presented, brief your students about the important points of the project and offer them tips for the next work.

Don’t get stuck but explore – Being an educator, you should not get caught only between yourself and your students but explore the project amid your colleagues and gather latest ideas and feedback from them. You can also invite subject experts to give their invaluable advice to students. This will ensure success for the project.

So, implementation of project based learning in your school is an ideal way to offer education with modern technology in effective manner. It makes learning interesting and complete fun. When your students apply their knowledge to real life circumstances, the education become more relevant.

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